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By Gavin | November 20, 2018

I'm here again with another Home Depot aspiring post because those videos do seem to be doing very well since a lot of people are interested in working there, and it's a really great job. If you want to just start like some young kids who maybe you want to take a year off from college, the best place to start. I'm not saying I did that, I am in college and I am working there, and they are so flexible with my hours, so let's get into the video.

This video is part two somehow to get a job at Home Depot. I'm going to try to make more parts on things I may have missed like in the first video, I did miss a couple of things, I missed the part where there is a background check. So if you maybe had done something in the past, they are going to find it and you may not get the job, which is okay, but you just may not take the job there and that's fine, and something else that may happen had to rethink. Another thing that does happen is most Home Depot's after one year working there you do get a raise. I've been working there over a year and I just can't tell you how much he raises like, not because I don't want to, it's just because I don't know we have a really nice website, but there's like. I just can't find how much I increase, so I just been working and whenever I do find that out I'll let you know.

But that is a really good thing, and even if you do start off as a cashier as I did, they are very open to making you climb up the ladder and branch out into different departments that you may like because some people are not always about that cashier life. Also, Home Depot does give a lot of free merchandise like these shirts I have about three or four of these shirts, and at my job they always give us free food, I never worked at a company where they gave me so much food and they give you lunch pans. They have different department appreciation months, I feel like it's always a party.

I'm not trying to make it all glitz and glam, and then if you start working they're like what is this girl talking about, but it's a really good job, it does have his moments when you just tired of standing eight hours, but it's somewhere you can grow and develop. I'm telling you and this is not a thing about it, this is not really how to get a job - Home Depot things, they just love little facts about Home Depot. If you are interested in working there, it is a really nice place to work, and if you are a female viewer do not feel like men run everything up and Nesser, because that is not true.

They're so very high up female employees, that will motivate you, so don't think that just because there's a home improvement store that you are inferior to the men, because trust me, seven nothing was no more than the men in the higher departments. So don't feel inferior, you might get some creeps who try to talk to you, but don't worry about that. We got protocols for that, so you'll be okay, just try it out and it'll be a really good experience. I promise.

That is just my little couple facts about Home Depot, just a case you need.